How Can I Get Over a Break Up? | Ep.#6




Keeping yourself occupied will help you to keep your mind off of the person you broke up with. Let me explain… what I mean by keeping yourself occupied is doing events and activities that you like to do such as your favorite hobbies, places to go, a museum or pub. If you did activities as a couple, you can still do those things but it may be harder because it will bring back memories. Try to find new activities or events you did not do together that may interest you to occupy your time and your mind.


Get real with why you broke up or what caused the break up, before moving on. Let me explain… getting real with the situation is essential. Stop and really look at cause of the break up. If you had anything to do with it, you must own your part and take responsibility for your role. Assess your role and if any corrections are needed in your behavior acknowledge them and implement the necessary corrections. If not, you’re just going to repeat it in the next relationship so that will be the first thing I would recommend to do in getting over a break up. It takes two to tango. The second thing is to surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Being around like minded, caring and positive people where you can express yourself openly; can help you get over a breakup.

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Kim Grimes