How to Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking up | Ep.#4

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So the next question for us to address is: How to Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking up?

Relationship problems are something that every couple goes through. But instead of cutting this person out of your life, it’s actually possible to make it work.

Before we move forward and provide you with an answer, we just want to know if you ask yourself two very important questions:

  1. What Does My Partner Want?
  2. What Do I Want?

 If your answers are not the same, then we ask you to stop watching this video, and go view our blog that address: Can a breakup Help a Relationship?

If your answers are the same and you want to save the relationship, continue watching because we have some suggestions that will support you.

Here are a few suggestions on how To Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking Up

 1) Think about the big picture

Whatever the issue,   you have to think about the big picture or the end result you both agreed upon.  Then work backwards.

For example, since your answers are the same you have to begin to discuss how to achieve what you both want with the end state in mind then begin to work backwards.

2) Own your role and how you each showed up (Own It)

Instead of playing the blame game, you both take responsibility for your individual roles regarding the problems/issues.  This will be a good place to start in finding a solution and working things out.  That’s because you both will be on an equal playing field.  The truth is,   that if something has gone wrong, you both (in some form or fashion), played a role in it.  So OWN IT by:

Acknowledging (your role by using “I” statements).

Take Full Responsibility

Ask for Forgiveness

Commit to doing something differently moving forward.

3)  Figure out the source of the problem

Together Figure out the root of the problem through an open and safe discussion using the Speaker-Listener Technique.  If you are not familiar with this technique,  Google it.   If you are still confused, please look into attending one of our webinars.  We use and refer to the Speaker-Listener Technique all of the time.

 4) Consider Talking to a professional if necessary

There’s honestly nothing wrong with seeking out some professional help.   After all, it’s your relationship that’s on the line here.  If you truly believe that the relationship can be saved,   we recommend that you and your partner consider talking to a therapist.  Especially if you can’t figure out what went wrong.

5) Recommit to each other

You’ve both agreed to stay together and your relationship is stronger because of the agreement.  You may want to recommit to each other.   This may mean a date night that is super romantic or a romantic getaway.   A couples retreat may be nice.  This will make you feel much closer to each other.   Just remember what you love about each other and how good you are together.

Bottom line, if you are both committed to staying together you have to be able to talk safely about the issues that come up and that are more difficult to talk about.   You also have to be able to protect the great things that bond the two of you together.   You need to protect your relationship from poorly handled conflict.  At times, that means dealing with issues head-on, but with mutual respect and a sense of teamwork.  At other times, protecting your relationship means keeping issues and conflicts from wrecking or intruding on the great times that bond the two of you together.

We hope this blog provided suggestions on how to Solve your Relationship Problems Without Breaking Up. We pray that you get on the right track in your relationship.   And always remember we are here to support you.

Take care & Bye Bye


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Kim Grimes